Autoglym Ultra Soft Drying Towel

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Our Ultra-Soft Drying Towel is made from a high-density material so soft and absorbent that drying your car has never been so quick and easy.

Luxury meets efficiency

With a unique texture, our plush towel effortlessly glides across exterior surfaces while being gentle on paintwork. To get the most out of this large Ultra-Soft Drying Towel, start on your windows before moving onto paintwork. Once you’re done, pop it in the washing machine, (and to ensure the fibres stay extra plush, give it a tumble dry).

Super-soft fibres

It may be hard to believe something so durable could be so soft, but that’s exactly what our Ultra-Soft Drying Towel brings to our range. Thanks to its super-soft fibres you can glide across surfaces, removing all moisture, without breaking a sweat.

Highly absorbent

Our Ultra-Soft Drying Towel’s high-density, twisted loop construction makes this drying towel super absorbent. Which means, just one towel can dry a whole car, easily absorbing and retaining more water than a regular drying towel.

Streak-free finish

Designed to speed dry your car without compromising on finish, our Ultra-Soft Drying Towel leaves bodywork with a perfect, streak-free shine. It’s also lint-free, which means you won’t have to worry about loose fibres on your vehicle.

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