Autoglym Glass and Screen Cloths (3 Pack)

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Our high-quality, ultra-soft Glass & Screen Cloths work wonders on glass and interior screens, effortlessly leaving behind a crystal-clear, lint-free finish.

Packs a punch

With two blue Glass Cloths and one green Screen Cloth, our Glass & Screen Cloths pack helps you reach glass and screen cleaning perfection in next to no time. Our top tip: store your Screen Cloth in your glovebox or door pocket for instant access when fingerprints get out of control.

A safe shine

Designed to work with Fast Glass, these super soft Glass & Screen Cloths offer a safe and fast clean on all glass surfaces and screens. The Glass Cloth also has the added benefit of being ultra-absorbent, for an even quicker clean and dry.

Lint-free finish

We’ve heightened the satisfaction of a streak-free finish by ensuring our Glass & Screen Cloths leave your surfaces lint-free. No chasing fluff around, just pristine shiny surfaces all around.

Highly versatile

Armed with a Screen Cloth, you can quickly clean grease and fingerprints off digital screens, high gloss interior surfaces and even your sunglasses. Grab the Glass Cloth for crystal-clear windows, inside and out, in minutes.

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