Autoglym Advanced All Wheel Cleaner 1L

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An ultimate wheel cleaner that safely cuts through road grime? It’s time you reached for a bottle of our colour changing, high-cling, pH neutral Advanced All Wheel Cleaner.


Meet cleaning power, head on

Having clean wheels is a barometer for a clean car, but many people are put off by the effort of getting between all those spokes. Which is why our Advanced All Wheel Cleaner offers you an effortless application for an easy clean. Simply spray, agitate and rinse, for a highly satisfying end result.



Our Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral, making this formula safe for regular use on lacquered, painted, diamond cut, anodised and plastic wheel trims. With a light agitation, your wheels will gleam from this highly effective, non-toxic clean.


Featuring vivid colour transform technology, watch as our Advanced All Wheel Cleaner turns a deep red, as baked-on iron contaminants start to dissolve before your very eyes. You could say it’s wizardry, we say it’s great science.


Designed to be applied by hand or with a pressure sprayer, Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is quick and easy to apply. And with its high clinging formulation (even on vertical wheel surfaces), ensuring you get optimum cleaning time is a breeze.



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