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Our new Mini Detailing Buckets have all the most important features of our classic oversized Detailing Buckets but come in a slightly more compact size making them ideal for detailers on the go, showtime cleaning, mobile professionals, and for those where a little space-saving goes a long way.

The most common paintwork defects you’ll come across - such as swirl marks and light scratches – tend to be inflicted during the contact wash stage. Because they can help you to avoid these mistakes when you wash your car, your buckets are some of the most important accessories in detailing, and a crucial part of any comprehensive car wash kit.

Now, we all know that that the only way to keep the swirls at bay is the classic 2-bucket detailers car wash. But utilising our professional detailing buckets - which come complete with removable, washable grit guards – is also an important safety precaution that increases the chances of contact washing without inflicting any surface damage. In fact, using the right bucket is one huge step in helping you achieve the ultimate swirl-free wash. That’s the science of detailing.

Our Mini Detailing Bucket is not only supplied with a heavy-duty grit guard, to stop you picking up any sunken heavy particles with your Wash Mitt and transferring them back onto potentially sensitive surfaces. But this wet work accessory doesn’t sacrifice on safety when it comes to water capacity, either. At over 30% larger than a standard ‘builder’s’ bucket the increased capacity helps to significantly cut down on the risk of grime recirculation in your cleaning solutions and rinse water. With 13.25-litres of your favourite car shampoo you’ll be able to tackle the largest of vehicles with ease, too. Like all the professional Detailing Buckets in our range, the Mini Detailing Bucket is specifically designed to keep the grime locked the bottom and, most crucially, off your paintwork. 

Constructed from industrial grade materials our Mini Detailing Buckets are engineered to stand up to a lifetime of professional use and abuse and are also compatible with our best-selling Bucket Lids. This makes them perfect for safe storage of your wash media in between details and even your cleaning solutions when on the go. 

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