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Rapid Rinse-less Wash is a next-generation car wash formula that allows you to quickly and safely clean your car exterior without scratching… and without the need to rinse away.

Rapid lifts, lubricates and encapsulates surface grime, suspending potentially harmful particles in its own solution, allowing them to be safely wiped away with a Microfibre Wash Mitt. Because the grime is trapped in our slick, slippery, non-foaming blend of polymer-based cleaning agents and lubricants, essentially it never touches the top layer of the most sensitive surfaces such as paintwork, bare metal and gloss plastics. Instead, the fully lubricated particulates slip safely over surfaces making them easy to wipe away without inflicting swirl marks and scratches.

The advanced anti-abrasion properties of Rapid make it suitable for use on any type of paintwork and wheel finish. This product is also wax, sealant and coating-safe, meaning that it won’t strip away any previously-applied protection layers.

Starting with the cleaner areas and finishing with the most contaminated such as the rear end and wheels, Rapid offers a quick fix and an eco-friendly solution that’s ideal for shows and events, where running water isn’t available at home, and any other detailing on the go.


How-To Use Rapid

Step 1


Shake well before use.


Step 2


Pour approximately 150ml into a bucket and fill with fresh water.


Step 3


Using a microfibre wash mitt clean the car focusing on one area at a time.


Step 4


Once this area is clean, dry immediately and continue on to the next area.


Step 5


On completion finish down with your favourite quick detailer.

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