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The ultimate contact wash companion, our all-new Plush Wash Pad has been specifically developed to safely deep-clean sensitive paintwork, vinyl and trim on the most pampered projects.

Constructed from ultra-soft, extra-deep microfibre weave, and featuring an special ultra-absorbent core for soaking up the maximum volume of car shampoo, our Plush Wash Pad offers the professional solution to cut down on the risk of dragging grit, grime and other contamination across your vehicle during the contact wash stage.

Using the correct professional-grade wash media during routine maintenance, larger details and any other time you wash your car is a vital safely measure that’s crucial in achieving a safe, swirl-free car wash. Whether you have a daily driver, a full-on show car or anything in-between, performing your wet work safely is the key to the best, swirl-free finish.

Our extra-large Plush Wash Pad has been developed in house to offer the best professional results at home. This luxury car wash accessory offers a huge surface area utilising fluffy microfibre strands of varying lengths to not only glide smoothy across your entire car exterior, but to lift, release and lock away potentially harmful particles along the way. This advanced plush microfibre material serves to actively pick up grit and grime, keeping it off your paintwork and deep inside the pad until you rinse and wring in your clean water bucket before the next pass. The best way to avoid inflicting scratches and swirls during your car wash.

Safe for use on all external surfaces and kind to previously applied waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings, the Plush Wash Pad is best used in conjunction with our Lather Car Shampoo and Professional Detailing Buckets for the ultimate Detailer’s 2-Bucket Car Wash.

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