APS Pro FP75 Low Vibrations 75mm Backing Plate for Flex PXE80

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APS FP75 is a high-quality Ø75mm professional hook & loop pad suitable for Flex PXE80 cordless mini polishers and is suitable as a full replacement backing pad for the Flex plastic pad. APS FP75 backing pad is a unique combination of stylish black PU on an aluminum core and has a practical conical shape

APS FP75 hook & loop Pad benefits from the advantage of precision manufacturing and the chosen material mix. In contrast to the original plastic flex plate, the APS FP75 runs perfectly smooth and is less sensitive to thermal effects.

The 4-6mm thick coating of the APS FP75 backing pad is made of flexible polyurethane and, thanks to its flexible nature, supports the best possible compensation in inclined positions as well as the maximum possible pressure distribution when using the hard polishing discs or abrasive discs. The conical shape of the backing plate enables an optimal view from above and perfect guidance control in critical border areas .

At the same time, APS FP75 eliminates one of the biggest problems with the original 75mm backing pad - its excessive base weight. Because the 75mm polishing sponges have a much higher weight than, for example, a 30mm or 50mm pad due to the higher amount of material. APS FP75 hook & loop pad balances the high 75mm pad weight with its optimal weight and reduces vibrations when polishing to a minimum. This corresponds to an effective vibration reduction of up to 33% compared to Flex's Ø75mm backing pads.

For the best polishing results, we recommend the unique and carefully graded APS Mini75 Pads or Ø75mm APS Slim Pads / polishing sponges made of high-quality foam "Made in Germany".

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