APS Pro FP50 V2 50mm Backing Plate for Flex PXE80

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APS FP50 V2 is a high-quality Ø50mm professional hook & loop pad suitable for Flex PXE80 cordless mini polishers - closes the gap between the 30mm and 75mm backing pad and allows the unrestricted use of Ø50mm polishing sponges !

The processing quality of the 2nd version of the 50mm Klettteller has been increased, vibrations have been further reduced and the material of the core has been changed to stainless steel.

With the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC cordless mini polishing machine, the German manufacturer Flex reacted very surprisingly to the growing demand for years for handy mini polishers for paintwork care on narrow components in and on the vehicle, hard-to-reach areas and spot repairs . With the very good quality, perfect ergonomics , the innovative, tool-free quick-change system for changing the drive types, stroke sizes and backing pad sizes, Flex was able to immediately convince many professional conditioners and end customers . The Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC cordless mini polisher supports two hook & loop pad sizes: 30mm and 75mm . These hook & loop plates should completely cover both areas of the mini and nano polish . But Flex made this calculation without the car care scene. Even before the first Flex PXE80 cordless mini polishers were available and at the latest after the first intensive practical use, it became clear that an intermediate size Ø50mm hook & loop pad was urgently needed.

With the APS FP50 V2, APS traditionally follows the cry of the car care community and is now supplying the missing and long-awaited Ø50mm hook & loop pad suitable for Flex PXE 80 . The Ø50mm is a unique combination of stylish black PU on a metal core, has a chic conical shape and of course has the same weight as the original flex special hook & loop plate for PXE80. APS FP50 V2 thus enables a comfortable use of 50mm polishing pads without disturbing vibrations or other impairments or restrictions.

The 9mm high plate body is made of flexible polyurethane and, thanks to its foam rubber-like nature, supports the best possible compensation in the event of misguidance as well as the maximum possible pressure distribution when using the hard polishing discs or abrasive discs. The conical shape of the backing plate enables an optimal view from above and perfect guidance control in critical border areas .

APS FP50 V2 backing pad suitable for Flex PXE80 is ideal for all areas of application for which the small Ø30mm backing pad and the matching polishing pads are too small and the Ø75mm hook & loop pad is too big. The Ø48mm hook & loop mount of the APS FP50 V2 backing pad reliably accommodates all polishing pads and polishing sponges with a size of Ø50-60mm . For the best polishing results, we recommend the carefully graded Ø50mm APS Mini and Ø50mm APS ZoomX polishing sponges made of high-quality foam "Made in Germany".

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