Winter Essentials 2023

With frequent frosty mornings and persistent stormy conditions, the prospect of a warm and enjoyable summer may feel incredibly distant at times. However, for those who are passionate about winter car care or simply cherish their vehicles, winter goes beyond blizzards, long dark nights, and even darker mornings.

Winter car maintenance poses a distinct set of challenges compared to the summer months. In summer, the primary concerns involve dealing with bug splatters, tree sap, and even the dust from the Sahara. In contrast, during the winter, the foremost issues revolve around the combination of salt and grit used to prevent icy road conditions, as well as the freezing temperatures that cause waterborne contaminants to adhere to the surfaces of your car.

Salt, known for its corrosive nature, is a major culprit, and it's not just the residue left behind that causes harm. As snow and ice melt, the salt mixes with the slush, forming a mixture that can easily splatter onto every part of your car. If the temperatures drop further, this slushy concoction can freeze, binding itself to the car and posing a serious risk of corrosion. Consequently, regular winter car care maintenance is indispensable during the colder months to eliminate these harmful elements and safeguard your car's visual appeal.

Coming out to a frozen windscreen is a constant battle during the cold months. Fortunately, glass sealants can help prevent ice from adhering to glass, Making frozen windscreens less of an issue. This takes us to our first winter essential Infinity Wax Diamond Vision Glass Sealant.

What is it? 

Diamond vision is a Si02 Siloxane based glass sealant with an incredibly effortless removal process, excellent hydrophobics and vastly improves driving clarity in the rain and at night. 

How does it fit into the wash process? 

You should always use Diamond Vision on clean prepared glass, this will allow the product to work efficiently. On average you should only need to use 3-5 sprays on a side window and 10-15 on a windscreen, so the 250ml bottle should last the average motorist for months, if not longer. Our recommendation is to seal your glass at the last stage of washing, drying, and protecting your vehicle. 

Take a quick peek at how Diamond Vision Works in this handy video from the guys over at Infinity Wax 


Sometimes Frost is unavoidable, Fortunately Carbon Collective have a product called magma that will lend a helping hand and cut down defrosting times on the way to work!

What is it? 

Magma is a de-icer 

Magma melts ice within seconds and can be used on their Platinum Glass window coatings without causing damage, the de-icer can also be used as a pre-icer, sprayed on the night before to help prevent heavy ice build-up. 

If you don't use carbon collective magma or a good glass sealant like Infinity Wax Diamond Vision, chances are you'll be needing one of these 

What is it?

Carpoint Ice Scraper Plexi

What does it do?

You didn't know you needed it until you do. Anyway moving on!

When it comes to adding paint protection in a fast and effective way, It doesn't really get any easier than Bilt Hambers Touch on sachets. One pack comes with 10 sachets for the price £11.95. Not only is this a product cost effective, Touch On will clean & protect your car with every application.  Its can be applied by lance, added to your wash bucket or even applied via spray bottle.  

Going Hand in hand with Bilt Hamber Touch-On is Bilt Hambers massively popular snow foam pre wash, Touch-Less. 

Encouraged to be used before the application of Touch-On to ensure a proper bond, Touch-Less is an eco-friendly snow foam which can be applied by pump spray or trigger too. Applied at typically a 4% PIR this bio-degradable sugar-based product provides truly exceptional levels of cleaning of automotive paintwork.

Great to be used all year round but really excels in the winter months.  Unlike other petrochemical-based cleaners Touch-Less is free-and-easy rinsing, easing the effort of subsequent bucket washes. Touch-Less also contains corrosion inhibitors. Touch-Less has a pH of 12, contains no phosphates, solvents, NTA, or caustic soda.



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