What's The Difference? Geist. 3 Minus vs 3 Plus Car Kits

You might be wondering about the distinction between Geist. 3 Plus and 3 Minus Care kits. Initially, one might assume it's related to the duration of protection they offer, but in fact, it's tied to the age of the leather surface they are designed for. The "3 Minus" kit is intended for leather less than 3 years old, while the "3 Plus" kit is for leather older than 3 years.

Now that we've clarified the purpose of each kit, there's only one notable difference between them: the 3 Plus kit includes Geist. Leather Conditioner. Geist. asserts that leather surfaces under 3 years old maintain an optimal moisture and oil balance, making the leather conditioner unnecessary. It's when your leather approaches the 3-year mark that the leather conditioner becomes essential, as the leather starts losing moisture.

The Geist. kits encompass all the essentials for cleaning and safeguarding your leather surface, with the 3 Plus kit adding the benefit of moisturizing leather surfaces aged over 3 years. 

For those who appreciate a simple visual comparison, here's a handy chart for your reference:

Aspect Geist. 3 Plus Care Kit Geist. 3 Minus Care Kit
Suitable for leather Over 3 years old Less than 3 years old
Includes Conditioner Yes No
Comprehensive Yes Yes


This chart simplifies the comparison of these products, making it easier to make an informed choice.

What does each kit include?

3 Minus Kit 

3 Plus Kit

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Geist. 3 Plus Care Kit For Leather & Vinyl

Geist. 3 Minus Care Kit For Leather & Vinyl

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