What Is Microfiber GSM?

GSM is a benchmark specification to meet production quality requirements and compare different microfiber materials. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter (g/m2).

Is Higher GSM Better? 

 When we focus on using GSM as a measure to evaluate the performance of a microfiber product, we observe that a higher GSM value corresponds to a thicker and more absorbent microfiber. However, there exist additional factors that play a significant role in determining the overall quality of a microfiber towel.

For instance, certain lower quality microfiber materials might yield elevated GSM measurements, but this is often achieved by incorporating a thicker "base layer" of 100% polyester. This alteration in the microfiber's composition leads to reduced absorbency in the final product.

When evaluating the quality of a microfiber material, it becomes essential to pay close attention to its manufacturing process, particularly concerning the surface yarn it employs. The majority of microfiber materials are crafted by weaving surface yarn through a base layer. The arrangement of the surface yarn forms the pile that is visible and palpable on the towel's surface.

It is feasible to produce more economical and lower quality towels that give the impression of being weightier and having greater mass (indicated by higher GSM) through the utilization of a thicker base layer yarn.

What does GSM mean for a towel's cleaning ability?

Assuming all other factors remain constant, materials with a higher GSM value will contain a greater amount of microfiber, resulting in a thicker composition and enhanced water absorption capabilities.

In many cases, towels with a higher GSM measurement tend to feature a loftier pile, which can mitigate surface pressure during wiping. Conversely, towels with lower GSM values often possess a shallower pile and tend to exert more force when scrubbing.

Consequently, as a general guideline, towels with lower GSM (500 and below) are more suitable for tasks such as interior detailing, levelling coatings, and removing polish. On the other hand, towels with higher GSM (above 500) are typically better suited for drying a vehicle. However, there are certain noteworthy exceptions to this rule: waffle weave towels, which typically boast a GSM ranging from 350 to 400, possess a unique weave that enables them to retain nearly ten times their weight in water.



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