What is a snow foam?

Snow foam has been a topic of conversation within the car detailing community for a number of years,  cars adorned with a thick layer of snowy foam, appear far more captivating than a basic soap and water wash. But is snow foam merely visually appealing, or does it genuinely aid in cleaning your car?

Delve into our introductory manual on snow foam, and allow us to explain why incorporating this snowy substance into your car cleaning routine can be beneficial for both cleaning and protecting your vehicle.

What is a snow foam? 

Snow foam, referred to as a pre-wash, serves as a detergent applied to your car just before giving it a thorough wash by hand. Its purpose is to assist in loosening and lifting dirt from the car's surface, allowing the contact wash to work more efficiently. As the name implies, snow foam generates a layer of dense, white foam. 

Why do i need a snow foam? 

The paintwork of your car endures significant wear and tear. As you drive, various types of dirt and residues become splattered on the paint surface, quickly drying and adhering. In many cases, a standard wash and wax treatment alone may not suffice to effectively address the issue. Snow foam plays a crucial role in enhancing your car washing routine by partially breaking down the accumulated dirt on your car's paintwork, wheels, and other surfaces. This will give you a much cleaner car that’s better protected against dirt and general paintwork damage. It’ll also make it much easier to clean your car as most of the dirt will already have been rinsed off. 

How does snow foam work? 

Snow foam works by creating a dense and sticky foam that adheres to your car's surface. The thickness of the foam extends the duration for which the cleaning agents present in the snow foam remain in contact with the dirt on the car. This prolonged time, commonly referred to as "contact time," enables snow foam to excel in breaking down dirt and effectively removing it from the car's surface. As a result, when compared to a regular soap and water wash, snow foam significantly enhances the efficiency of your standard car wash routine.


How do I use snow foam? 

Initially, using snow foam may present some challenges, but with a bit of experimentation, you'll discover that it greatly simplifies and enhances your car washing routine. Unlike regular soap and a bucket with a sponge, snow foam requires a specific approach. To effectively utilize snow foam, you'll need a pressure washer and a snow foam lance. The lance is a specialized nozzle designed to fit onto the end of your pressure washer. It collaborates with the pressure washer to draw the snow foam liquid into a water stream, which is then propelled through a mesh to generate the desired thick and adhesive foam. To prepare the snow foam solution, mix the snow foam liquid with water in the bottle attached to the lance, and adjust the nozzle on the snow foam lance to regulate the proportion of water and air mixed with the snow foam solution.

Most snow foam solutions will require an exact dilution, these instructions can be found on the back of the product.  

See more on product dilution here - Understanding Product Dilution

What's the difference between snow foam & shampoo? 

While it may seem that snow foam and car shampoo share similarities in breaking down dirt, they are actually quite distinct in their application. Snow foam should be sprayed onto your car's surface and allowed to settle on the paintwork. Unlike car shampoo, it should not be wiped off with a cloth or wash mitt. Snow foam lacks ingredients that aid in its smooth gliding over the car's paintwork, which can potentially cause swirls or scratches if attempted.





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