Wash Mitts & Pads. Drop The Sponge

Store Wash mitts and wash pads come in various options. The most popular choices are the lambswool wash mitt and the microfiber wash mitt. These have largely replaced the older, more basic car wash foam sponges.

Wash mitts fit over your hand with a soft cuff around the wrist, making them feel like a natural extension of your hand. They help reduce the risk of inflicting swirl marks on the paintwork during washing. Thanks to their modern construction, wash mitts are less likely to retain dirt and grit. Highly absorbent, they can be worn like a glove, allowing for easy gliding over a car's surfaces. Compared to car wash sponges, wash mitts are generally a safer option. We offer some of the largest car wash mitts on the market for efficient cleaning, as well as specialized versions for alloy wheels.

There's also a modern sponge designed for washing car surfaces, made with a soft closed-cell material. Gentle and forgiving, these sponges are less likely to hold dirt, making them particularly good for wheels and lower trims.

Natural lambswool provides a soft, long-pile wash mitt that gently lifts dirt away from a vehicle's surface. Much softer than microfiber, lambswool is less likely to introduce swirls. However, being a natural material, lambswool mitts don't last as long.

Whether you need microfiber, lambswool, sponge, mitt, or pad, My Car Cleaning has all your car washing needs covered. 

Seen below are our most popular Mitts here at My Car Cleaning 


Sam's Detailing Microfibre Wash Mitt

Bilt Hamber Auto Mitt Noodle

Popular wheel mitts 

Garage Therapy GT Wheel Mitt

Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt

Sam's Detailing Wheel Mitt


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