Upgrading To A Short Trigger Gun

Why Choose A Short Trigger Gun?

While the standard wand you get with most pressure washers is great for general car cleaning, the 'stubby gun' or Short Trigger Gun has become a real must-have item for detailing enthusiasts and professionals.

Available here at My Car Cleaning are a handful of stubby guns. Fully connectable to your standard pressure washer hose for the following machines.

Karcher K Series – K2, K4, K5, K7 only (will not fit C Clip models)

Nilfisk - (does not fit Spigot connection)

Kranzle - M22

A Short Trigger gun sits in the hand comfortably and makes certain detailing jobs, such as cleaning in and around wheels or wheel arches all the more comfortable and effective.

Every Short Trigger Gun will have a 1/4 Quick Release tip, making the swap between spray nozzles and your foam lance quick and easy. 

Included with your Short Trigger Gun will be a Coloured Nozzle Kit + Snow Foam Adaptor - White: 40°, Green: 25°, Yellow: 15°, Red: 0°, Black: Soap Jet, 1/4: Snow Foam Adaptor   

If you're planning to switch to a short trigger gun, it's important to keep in mind that your existing snow foam lance, which is specifically designed to fit your machine's standard lance (whether it's a Karcher, Nilfisk, or Kranzle), will not be compatible with your new short trigger gun.

The image above shows the 1/4 quick release adaptor that comes with the nozzle kit. You can use it to replace the current standard adaptor on your lance to make it compatible. However, some standard snow foam lances may not be compatible with this solution and you may need to purchase a new one.

Buying a 'Stubby Gun'

Select a Stubby Gun of your choice,

HP280 - £45




SGS 35 - £89


Select the correct hose coupler to make your stubby gun connect to your hose  - 

Selecting the correct fitting for your snow foam lance 

Having followed the steps above you will have upgraded your pressure washer set up and general maintenance washes will be made easier. Now all that's left to do is order you go-to snow foam and give your new additions a try! 

Browse the full range of Trigger Guns below - https://www.mycarcleaning.co.uk/collections/trigger-guns



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