The difference between a Kranzle TS machine and a non TS machine

What is the difference between a Kranzle Total Stop machine and a non Total Stop machine? 

The 'TS'  indicates the model is fitted with the Kranzle Total-Stop system: while Kranzle machines do not need to turn off every time you let go of the gun because of the superior un-loader system fitted. Excessive, unnecessary 'on/off' operation may actually shorten the life of motors, especially when running on extension cables or generators. Conversion between Bypass operation and Total-Stop is possible, relatively quick and easy should you want to use your machine the other way. The 'TS' models tested do have lower signs of wear to the seals, resulting with longer periods between servicing required. Energy costs are lower because when the trigger gun is released the motor stops automatically, then when the trigger gun is squeezed again, the machine restarts. The motor and pump only run when they are actually needed, saving electricity.

The Total Stop feature is not recommended if you plan to run your Kranzle machine with a generator or invertor. 

Kranzle TST models simply come with a built in hose reel and a longer hose on the reel as standard (12 metre) 



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