Protecting Your Leather - Gyeon Leather Shield

Types Of Protection

Gyeon Leather Shield, an advanced quartz coating specially formulated for automotive leather. Q² LeatherShield is suitable for every type of leather produced to date and does not change the finish of your upholstery. Q² LeatherShield lasts up to 12 months.

Gyeon Leather Coat, For older more worn leather, works more as a sealant and will last up to 3 months. This hydrophobic coating provides protection from liquids, sweat, dirt and also ‘dye transfer’ from jeans and clothing that can discolour and stain leather. Be aware with use on synthetic leathers as this product may not bond correctly only leading to product waste.

Applying The Product 

After cleaning the leather in preparation for the coating. Begin by choosing an applicator in which to apply the product. Q² Leather Shield comes with an applicator block + suede applicator. However we find that better coverage is achieved from using a Q²m Microfibre applicator that comfortably fits onto the hand. Better coverage decreases any chance of high spots appearing caused from uneven distribution of product.

Use a liberate amount of product and apply it as evenly as possible. It is recommended to do one seat at a time and not over apply product. Be gentle and consistent. Make sure to get into any crevice within the seat both during application and final wipe down. After 2 - 3 minutes check over with an inspection light or even a phone torch. Then wipe down with your preferred microfibre towel. Now that your seats are coated, leave them to dry overnight. 

For a more in depth tutorial on leather coatings see here -



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