NEW Zvizzer Machine Polishing Accessories Now Available At MCC

As much as machine polishing plays a critical role in rejuvenating any cars paintwork, it is equally important to use high quality and suitable components in the process. 

This means you'll need the right compounds, polishers, quality microfibres, and yes, pads as well. 

Its our pleasure to announce that were now stocking Zvizzer pads, compounds and a range other paint care products so you can enjoy the full Zvizzer experience! 

 The Thermo Pads by Zvizzer have been well requested for quite some time. This is thanks to their robust nature. The Thermo Pads are thermostable. Meaning that when they warm up, their structure remains stable and they don’t become as soft as all other pads. They are more tear-resistant and last about 5 times longer than conventional pads. 

The grades these pads are available are as seen below, going from Lowest cut to Highest. 

The full range of Zvizzer machine polishing tools and accessories can be found here. 

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