New Products | CARPRO DarkSide, Release & ImmoGel

My Car Cleaning is thrilled to announce that we've now added the highly anticipated NEW Carpro products to our inventory: DarkSide, Release, and Immortal ImmoGel! We share your excitement and can't wait to introduce you to these fantastic additions. Let's dive into the details of these exciting new releases!

Introducing Carpro DarkSide, the cutting-edge, ready-to-use tire and rubber sealant. Featuring a potent 60% polydimethylsiloxane formula, DarkSide enables a swift and effortless application with most applicators you pair it up with.  DarkSide delivers a stunning satin finish and as expected, it boasts a high self-cleaning and hydrophobic qualities, along with exceptional UV and chemical resistance to extend the longevity of your tires' fresh appearance. Each swift DarkSide application provides lasting protection for up to three months!

Introducing Carpro Immortal ImmoGel, the latest dedicated, high-concentration PPF positioning lubricant tailor-made for Immortal. Once appropriately diluted and applied to the PPF adhesive, its elevated viscosity ensures even moisture distribution, facilitating seamless positioning and squeegeeing, all while minimizing the potential for post-application haze or spots. When used in conjunction with the Immortal Squeegee Kit, you'll discover a new level of PPF installation like never before.
Lat but not least, Carpro Release. The inaugural wax-based nano-sealant from Carpro, specially crafted to safeguard newly applied ceramic coatings during their drying phase. Release caters primarily to detailing studios and those detailers who prefer not to endure the prolonged waiting times associated with ceramic coating drying. Each coating necessitates a certain period wherein contact with water, pesky insects, and avian surprises must be averted. Carpro Release expertly addresses this concern by providing a protective shield for the coating, facilitating the complete drying of freshly coated vehicles without any delays. Application of Release couldn't be easier, and it can even serve as a standalone quick detailer! How's that for boosting your work efficiency?
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