Looking to enhance your car's appearance?

Look no further! Utopia Tints are the North East's Leading Destination for Vehicle Customisation

Since its establishment in 2015, Utopia Tints have carved a name for itself as the go-to destination for all things vehicle customisation. They primarily offer services that match what you could order from the factory.

A Glance at Their Offerings

  • Window Tinting: Enhanced aesthetics, privacy, added security and done within one hour!

  • Light Tinting: With more and more high end vehicles coming from the factory with tinted lights, aftermarket light tints are becoming a very popular modification.
  • DeChroming: Opt for a sleek, modern look by removing the shiny, chrome accents from your vehicle. Very often chosen to replicate the much loved ‘night pack’ that many manufacturers offer.

  • 3D & 4D Premium Number Plates: Make a statement with uniquely designed number plates that truly stand out. Famous for number plates in the UK, Utopia Plates are sure to sort you out! 
  • Sun Strips: Offered not just for aesthetics, but also for added sun protection.
  • Caliper Painting: More often that not, brake callipers come from the factory with no paint at all on their callipers, Utopia Tints will sand all 4 down, mask them up and paint them with a colour of your choice for just £195. You can also add brand related sticker, such as Brembo for just an extra £15    

  • Grill Fitting: Enhance the front-end of your car massively with an upgraded grill. A great example of this is the Mercedes-Benz Panamericana grill.

  • Full Colour Change Wraps: Go for a completely new look without a repaint, completely reversible colour change wrapping is available at Utopia! 

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: Restore and rejuvenate your car's wheels to their former glory. Their wheel refurbishment process isn't just the normal sand down and repaint… They choose to have them acid bathed, shot blasted and powder coated so that they come back absolutely brand new! 
  • Roof Wraps: Roof wrapping is becoming more popular than ever before! Wrapping the centre part of your roof can give your vehicle a much more sporty appearance. 
  • Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings: Ensuring your vehicle looks pristine and protected, Utopia offers an All-In-One detailing package that gets you everything you need to get your vehicle looking better than new. They will firstly correct all of the paintwork before applying an industry leading 9H coating to protect your pride and joy for years to come. 

  • Chameleon Windscreen Tinting: A unique tint that changes based on viewing angle and lighting, most commonly used on windscreens.  
  • Wing Mirror Wrapping: Similar to roof wrapping, a pair of wing mirrors wrapped in gloss black can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of a vehicle. 
  • Body Kits: Urban Automotive, Maxton Design and R44 Performance are all brands that Utopia have lots of experience with! If a subtle body kit is something you're looking for, look no further. 

Exemplary Reputation

Utopia Tints’ commitment to 100% customer satisfaction resonates loudly in their over 300 5-star reviews. These reviews underscore the brand’s dedication to excellence, both in service delivery and customer interaction. 

Beyond Customisation: Utopia Plates

The brand's passion doesn’t stop at customisation. Their sister company, Utopia Plates, specialises in selling private registrations and 3D/4D plates. It's a testament to their comprehensive approach to automotive aesthetics.

Convenience at its Best

While getting your vehicle tinted or customised, there’s no need for prolonged waiting. Especially when the window tints only take an hour. Moreover, its location is surrounded by big names like Tesco, McDonalds, and Starbucks. So, whether you want to shop, grab a bite, or sip a coffee, there's always something to do while waiting.

In conclusion, Utopia Tints is not just a service provider but a destination for those who truly cherish their vehicles. With their array of services, experienced hands, and unwavering commitment to satisfaction, it's no wonder they're recognised as the North East's leading vehicle customisation garage.

Contact Info: 

Address: Unit 1,  Dragonville Industrial Park,  Gilesgate, Durham,  DH1 2XJ  

Phone Number: 07795 225 028

Email: info@utopiatints.co.uk




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