Gyeon Tire Dressings - Q2M Tire Express VS Q2 Tire

Gyeon Quartz offers two excellent tyre dressings, namely Gyeon Q²M Tire Express and Gyeon Q2 Tire, each serving a specific purpose and providing a desired look based on individual preferences. Whether you prefer a super wet appearance or a black, OEM look, both products are worthy contenders. However, when it comes to assessing which is the superior tyre dressing, let's delve into the unique features of Gyeon Q2 Tire

Gyeon Q2 Tire stands out as the sole SiO2-based tyre coating available. Not only does it ensure remarkable durability, but it also delivers splendid visual effects. With Gyeon Q2 Tire, you can expect outstanding protection for your tyres, along with remarkable water-beading capabilities and hydrophobic properties. 

Gyeon Q²M Tire Express represents the epitome of a daily tire and rubber dressing, combining exceptional aesthetics with a user-friendly application process. With this product, you can effortlessly revive the tire's "factory fresh" appearance, ensuring it maintains its allure for numerous miles ahead.

In summary, if you desire a wet look for your tire and exceptional durability, Gyeon Q2 Tire is the ideal product for you. On the other hand, if you seek a versatile solution that provides an OEM finish and can be used on external rubbers as well, then Gyeon Q²M Tire Express is the perfect choice for the job.

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