Got Pet Hair problems? Lilly Brush now has you covered! Lilly Brush

Every pet lovers trusty companion needs some TLC, but so does your car! Now stocking the Lilly Brush Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit at My Car Cleaning, we have you covered for even those stubborn carpets, corners and crevices. We always have people asking 'does it really work?', well the answer is YES! We've had glowing reviews and results from everyone!

The Lilly Brush Pro Detailing Kit is designed for anyone who details cars or owns pets that travel with them. This kit is a game changer, keeping on top of all your detailing and OCD needs! The guys and gals over a Lilly have made sure the brushes won't damage any surfaces they come in contact with, but ensuring they pick up even the most stubborn of hairs embedded into your carpets and seats.

The brushes are made to be small and easy to use, fitting easily into your door cards, glovebox or detailing bags.

Additionally, we now have bundled the Pro Kit with the Mini Detailer, saving you £5.00. Click here to grab yours now!

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