Get To Know - Rupes UNO Pure, Protect & Advanced

Founded in 1947, Rupes has been a pioneering force in the detailing industry, continuously driving innovation through their impressive range of products. Among their latest additions is UNO Advanced, unveiled during SEMA 2022, further enriching their esteemed UNO line. Now, with three remarkable products in this line-up, it's worth exploring the distinctions between the UNO Advanced, UNO Pure, and UNO Protect

UNO Advanced stands as the newest member of the family, boasting cutting-edge advancements that elevate its performance to new heights. It incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and formulations, engineered to provide unparalleled results in the detailing process.

On the other hand, UNO Pure, also part of the UNO line, is renowned for its purity and simplicity. It delivers a pristine finish without any fillers or additives, making it an ideal choice for purists seeking a clean and unaltered look for their vehicle.

Meanwhile, Uno Protect, the first offering in the UNO series, offers exceptional protective properties, creating a robust shield against various environmental contaminants. It combines efficient protection with impressive ease of use, ensuring a hassle-free application process.

In essence, the UNO Advanced, UNO Pure, and Uno Protect cater to distinct detailing preferences and objectives. Whether you prioritize cutting-edge performance, a minimalist approach, or top-notch protection, Rupes has tailored each product to fulfil your specific requirements, leaving you with an impeccable and breathtakingly finished vehicle.

Let's delve into the first remarkable product of the UNO line: UNO Pure Ultra Finishing Polish excels in effectively eliminating very light to lower spectrum medium imperfections. Unlike its counterparts in the UNO line, Pure prioritizes perfection without incorporating any protection elements.

With UNO Pure, you can confidently achieve a flawless, ultra-fine finish regardless of the polishing equipment you use. It seamlessly adapts to rotary, random orbital, and even gear-driven polishers, ensuring a reliable and versatile performance across various detailing techniques. If you seek a premium, no-compromise ultra-fine polish to bring out the best in your vehicle's appearance, UNO Pure is your ideal choice.

UNO Protect is an outstanding one-step product, excelling at correcting, polishing, and providing protection all in one go. Whether you're dealing with medium or light imperfections, UNO Protect works wonders, leaving behind a durable layer of safeguard for your vehicle.

The secret behind UNO Protect's exceptional performance lies in its innovative cross-linking polymer technology. This cutting-edge formulation ensures that your vehicle's surface achieves a stunning high-gloss shine that lasts for up to an impressive 90 days. With Rupes UNO Protect, you no longer need to compromise between achieving flawless results and providing long-lasting protection – it delivers both with ease and efficiency.

This finishing polish holds great promise, catering to both multi-step polishing processes and standalone applications for light correction, gloss enhancement, and protection – all in a single step.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Rupes UNO Advance is its remarkable protective capabilities. Rupes estimates that it can provide up to an astonishing 12-month layer of protection for your vehicle's paint. This extended duration of protection sets it apart from many other polishes on the market, making it an enticing choice for discerning detailers seeking long-lasting benefits. Rupes UNO Advance undoubtedly holds the potential to become a game-changer in the world of automotive detailing.



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