Carbon Collective - What's New at My Car Cleaning?

The guys over at Carbon Collective have been busy over the last few months to bring some new editions to the collection, click the links below to find out more about these:

- Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt - £15.95

The Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt is designed to safely clean the most complex of wheels with the most delicate of finishes.

The super absorbent foam layer retains the wash solution, releasing it during use, preventing the wheels from drying out whilst lubricating the surface to prevent swirls.

- Supreme Glass Cloth - £6.95

These microfibres are designed with residue removal in mind, the ultra-short weave material effortlessly removes coating, polish & wax residue fast, without smearing.

Our edgeless microfibres are safe to use on all surfaces. The laser cut edges significantly reduce the risk of marring and also increase the longevity of the cloth.

Carbon Collective Supreme Glass Cloth
- Refresh Glass Cleaner - £9.95

No, it's not mouthwash, but it will leave behind a fresh mint scent!

Refresh Glass Cleaner
- Organic Air Freshener Can; Watermelon, Bubblegum, Vanilla and More! - starting from £3.29

Carbon Collective Organic Air Freshener Can


To see more of the full Carbon Collective range at My Car Cleaning, click HERE.


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