Bilt Hamber Touch-less & Auto Foam What's The Difference?

What is the better choice and what sets apart Bilt Hamber's Touch-less and Auto-foam products?

This is a commonly asked question when comparing Bilt Hamber's Touch-less and Auto-foam pre-wash snow foams. This blog should help gain a greater understanding of the two products.

First, let's provide a brief overview of Bilt Hamber's Touch-less and Auto-foam:

Bilt Hamber touch-less

Bilt Hamber Touch-less is the latest addition to Bilt Hamber's pre-wash snow foam lineup. Since its release in 2021, it quickly gained popularity and sold out in the UK within a few days.

Touch-less is not pH neutral, Neither is Auto-foam. It has a pH level of 12 and boasts an eco-friendly formulation with a sugar-based formula that is biodegradable.

Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam

Bilt Hamber Auto-foam has earned a strong following among car enthusiasts, professional valeters, and detailers due to its impressive performance, powerful cleaning abilities, and excellent value for money.

Unlike Touch-less, Auto-foam is not pH neutral either. It is an alkaline-based pre-wash with a pH range of 13.

What are the distinctions between Bilt Hamber's touch-less and auto-foam?

From a broad perspective, there are no major differences in user experience between Touch-less and Auto-foam. Both products generate similar foam levels, which have no impact on their cleaning effectiveness. While low foam may seem less visually appealing, it does not affect their ability to clean.

You can apply both Touch-less and Auto-foam using a pressure washer snow foam gun, such as the MJJC Snow foam canon V3, as well as a pump sprayer or trigger. Both products require a recommended Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) of 2 to 4%. 

One noticeable difference is that Touch-less tends to remain wet for a slightly longer time, which can be advantageous in warmer weather. This ensures that the product takes more time to dry on the vehicle's paintwork.

In terms of cleaning abilities, Touch-less may have a slight advantage over auto-foam, particularly in winter conditions. However, it's worth noting that the distinction could be influenced by factors such as the environment or the specific area of the body panel being cleaned. In most cases, both products perform similarly.

The primary differentiation arises during the rinsing process. Touch-less can be rinsed with low pressure, such as a garden hose, whereas Auto-foam requires higher pressure to prevent streaking. This difference may not be a concern for most users, as they likely have access to a pressure washer for applying either touch-less or Auto-foam. Additionally, both products can be applied using a foamer, such as the IK Foam Pro 2 or  Kwazar Venus Hand Foamer.

Summer versus winter car wash: A Comparison

During the summer, many car owners devote more time and attention to washing and maintaining their vehicles. With longer days and warmer temperatures, it's not only more convenient but also more comfortable to clean a car during this season. Additionally, the risk of rain tends to be slightly reduced in the summer months.

On the other hand, the wintertime presents a challenge when it comes to keeping cars looking presentable, as the elements become more severe from October through to March.

Bilt Hamber's Touch-less product performs slightly better when it comes to tackling winter contamination and removing traffic films. Bilt Hamber themselves have conducted tests and arrived at the same conclusion regarding Touch-less' effectiveness in eliminating specific types of traffic films.

So is Touch-less better than Auto Foam?

In specific situations, it appears that touch-less demonstrates a slight advantage as a Traffic Film Remover (TFR). It offers improved rinsing capabilities and boasts an eco-friendly formulation. Although Touch-less may come with a slightly higher price tag, this difference is negligible when considering the overall value it provides.

Auto foamBilt hamberPre washSnow foamTouch less

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