Best Water Spot Removal Products

Few things are as disheartening as admiring your recently washed car, only to find hard water spots sitting on the paint surface. Despite your efforts, the car still appears dirty. Thankfully, there are methods to eliminate hard water spots, restoring your car to a clean state.

A commercial hard water spot remover is an effective and straightforward solution for eliminating tough water spots. These products are reasonably priced and outperform other options. While each product may vary slightly in its composition, they typically consist of a distilled water base with the addition of mineral oil for lubrication. Some may also include solvents, buffers, and conditioners in their formulations.

It's highly recommended to start by giving the water spot-affected area (or your entire car) a thorough wash using soap and water. Next, carefully dry the water spot area. Then, take a fresh microfiber towel, spray it with Water Spot Remover, and gently rub it onto the affected spot. Allow it to sit for a maximum of 30 seconds. Rinse off the product using water or a mixture of car soap and water. Repeat these steps as necessary until the water spot is completely removed.

Some of our favourite water spot removers  are seen below - 

Garage Therapy Water Spot Remover 

Water Spot Remover is a sophisticated acid blend developed for the fast, gentle and effective removal of mineral salts, limescale and watermark deposits from exterior vehicle surfaces. Water Spot Remover will chemically solubilise mineral deposits on a variety of surfaces whilst the detergents clean the contaminated substrate. 

Water Spot Remover deep cleans automotive paint as part of the decontamination process and has the ability to unclog coatings and sealants that are stifled by mineral build up. It is suitable for use on most painted finishes, matte paint, wheel rims, polished metals, glass, plastics and rubbers.


Gyeon Water Spot

Q2M WaterSpot is very easy to use. Before applying, clean the bodywork with a gentle, pH-neutral HQ shampoo and dry the surface. Then spray directly onto the paint or on a microfiber cloth and wipe the area affected with water spots. If there is strong staining, spray generously directly onto the surface and wipe the surface a few times with an MF. If required - repeat.


Q2M WaterSpot is thick and oily, so very little product is required to cover a large area. It does not diminish or dry fast, so the cleaned area can be wiped multiple times.


The biggest advantage of Q2M WaterSpot is its safety on paintwork. Due to inappropriate maintenance, water spots may become an issue on fresh coatings. You can remove the most undesirable defects by using O2M WaterSpot without the need to polish and in most cases re-apply the quartz coat. Be aware that Q2M WaterSpot might affect the hydrophobic layer of a coating. It's dangerous to leave the product on paint and especially on glass for a long time.

Koch Chemie FSE 

All-round detailing spray for fast care of all external vehicle surfaces such as paintwork, glass and plastics.  With its special formula even stubborn limescale stains are removed quickly and without leaving any residue.  Cleans, maintains and preserves in a single step. Depth of colour is returned leaving a smooth brilliant high gloss free from streaks. Finish Spray exterior is quickly removed, is easy to use and protects the surfaces against new dirt.

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