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Based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, My Car Cleaning are proud of our Northern routes in the UK and some of the best and well known brands in the car detailing scene originate from the UK and we love that! Up and down the country new detailing companies are popping up and breaking into the world of car care. From Sheffield to Essex we’re going to take a look at some of our favourites and a bit about what makes them unique. 

Sam’s Detailing

Born in the heart of Yorkshire from a passion for car care. Sam’s was formed after being designated driver one New Years Eve in 2013 and a few comments after how they were able to keep their car so clean. Fast forward to 2022 and Sam’s Detailing now stands as one of the most iconic and straight talking producers of car cleaning products and formulas. 

You’ll spot them at any car show up and down the country. With their simple, no nonsense approach; Sam’s Detailing are one of the most recognisable brands from the UK.


Back in 2010, Stjärnagloss was a little known brand in the UK, sold exclusively by Shinearama.

When that shop closed, some feared the brand would disappear forever. Its Scandinavian feel, honest pricing, genuine performance - and garish snow foam - gone for good. 

Almost 10 years later, Stjärnagloss was born again.

Stjärnagloss is a genuine detailing brand, rather than a new wave pretender or generic scene relabeller.


Founded in 2005, Valet-Pro have moved up the ranks and become one of the mainstays in the car detailing world. Based in the UK, Greg Spink founded Valet-Pro after working many years as a professional detailer.

In 2005, Greg wanted to create his own range of high class professional detailing products. This range is created in line with his early aspirations: creating products that are reliable, low priced and easy to use. 

As a company, Valet-Pro now boasts an extensive range of car cleaning products and solutions as well as accessories which are now exported to over thirty countries across the world. Based in East Sussex, Valet-Pro have grown and continue to build on the amazing foundations they build back in 2005.

Auto Finesse

One of the most recognisable brands on the car detailing, Auto Finesse have been kicking around since 1999. Under the name of JB’s Detailing to start with from a 2 man show in the back of a small van to being a household name in the car scene.

Originally named JB's valeting service, offering a mobile valeting service to Hertfordshire, Essex and greater London area. A reputation for offering high quality car care service sees the company move towards working exclusively on higher end vehicles. 

JB’s Valeting is rebranded to Auto Finesse to coincide with the company's move to more in-depth detailing services now being offered. Auto Finesse leads the way in Herts and Essex car detailing services for pushing the boundaries on what is a new and exciting time for the industry as detailing starts to become a more widely recognised service.

Auto Finesse stands among the top of the elite of the car care scene and looks to remain that way in the years to come. With the iconic logo and fresh looking bottle designs, they bring art back to detailing.


Is there any that we’ve missed? Let us know who you think deserves to make the list! 




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