Angelwax Heaven Scent, Wicked Finish!

Angelwax has arrived at My Car Cleaning! 

A little bit about them - "We, at Angelwax are a small group of industrial chemists who have worked together for over 25 years in the chemical industry. Based in Scotland near the city of Glasgow, we have a research, development and manufacturing facility from where all of the Angelwax product range is created before being shipped all over the world." Re-known for their waxes, if your in the market for wax definitely give them a go! They have also introduced their new Enigma Ceramic Wax. This wax manipulates the micro pores making the surface completely smooth. The result of this innovative formulation is a wax that has significant self-cleaning properties. Combined with outstanding gloss, spectacular durability and ease of use. AMAZING! Stay tuned on our InstagramFacebook to check out the latest products we're stocking from Angelwax! p.s Heaven Scent, Wicked Finish.. That's the Angelwax way!      

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