Turtle Wax Original Car Wax 500ml

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  • World’s leading car wax
  • The original blend of carnauba and synthetic waxes
  • Up to 12 months of beautiful shine and protection from our Hard Shell Finish


This is it, the original workhorse product that put Turtle Wax on the map.

Today, this liquid car wax continues to deliver outstanding value to car care enthusiasts around the world. Providing a Hard Shell Finish® of shine and protection, it’s the one Turtle Wax product that every generation knows.

Using the traditional formula that was created by our founder, this original car wax polish contains a mix of synthetic and rich carnauba waxes for long-lasting shine and protection.

Tremendous value and reliable performance that’s been proven by generations of drivers – exactly what you get with our Original Wax.


Step 1

Wash and dry your vehicle.

Step 2

If necessary, remove any embedded contaminants from the paint with a clay bar and a Turtle Wax exterior detailer spray.

Step 3

Apply a quarter-sized drop of the wax to an applicator pad and, working either in circular motions or in long, straight motions, apply to a 2' x 2' section of the paint surface.

Step 4

Allow the wax in that area to dry to a haze. Once you can drag your finger through it and break the wax coating, it's ready to be buffed off. Use a soft, clean microfibre cloth to wipe away the dried wax and reveal the beautiful, protective shine.

Step 5

Continue around the vehicle, repeating steps 3 & 4, working in 2’ x 2’ sections, until your entire vehicle is sparkling like new.



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