Pyramid Carbon Glass Coating V2

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How to use Glass Coating

Before you apply Carbon Glass, you should thoroughly wash and dry all glass surfaces. We recommend using a clay bar with glass cleaner, to remove microscopic contaminants. We also recommend removing existing sealants and repellents with IPA, and removing existing glass coatings using a glass polish.

  1. Add 6-8 drops to your microfibre applicator pad
  2. Apply in a criss-cross pattern 1 window pane at a time – we recommend applying to your windscreen and rear screen in 2 sections
  3. Leave the coating to bond on the glass surface for 15 seconds
  4. Wipe away excess residue with a clean microfibre cloth
  5. Buff the glass with a secondary clean microfibre cloth
  6. Apply a second layer. Following steps 1 to 5.

Leave the coating to cure for 4 hours before getting the car wet. Wait 3 days before washing or using any other chemicals on the car. Do not use de-icer on coated glass.

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