Mosmatic Quick Release HP Gun With Colour Detail - 350 Bar

Hose Coupler: Karcher
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Mosmatic offers a wide variety of high pressure trigger guns. From our relax action guns that offer 90% reduced holding and 40% less trigger force to models with built in live swivels. Standard and Weep model designs are also available.
  • 29.131 HP Gun 350 bar  150°C in:G3/8″F out:G1/4″F + QRC Probe Inlet
  • Stainless Steel Quick Release Nozzle Holders to Lance and Gun Outlet
  • Karcher, Kranzle M22 & Nilfisk Fittings
  • Comes as a full kit including coloured nozzles & snow foam adaptor
The trigger gun it is supplied with: 1 x Trigger Gun 1 x Set of Quick Tips (White: 40°, Green: 25°, Yellow: 15°, Red: 0°, Black: Rinse) 1 x Quick release 1/4 fitting to convert your existing foam lance 1 x Selected pressure washer inlet fitting Choose your Hose Coupler: Karcher K Series – K2, K4, K5, K7 only (does not fit C Clip models) Nilfisk (does not fit Spigot connection) Kranzle (M22) Coloured Nozzle Kit + Snow Foam Adaptor: White: 40°, Green: 25°, Yellow: 15°, Red: 0°, Black: Soap Jet, 1/4: Snow Foam Adaptor    

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