Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Shampoo Wash & Wax 1.4L


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  • Super-slick formula breaks up and removes soil, grime and residues without scratching your finish
  • Hybrid formula of natural and ceramic waxes provides maximum water beading action for faster drying time and long-lasting shine
  • Simply wash-on and rinse-off
  • Mango Tropical scent adds a refreshing element to your detailing experience

Wash, wax and protect in one easy step with this ultra-premium car wash and wax.

The pH balanced Hybrid Solutions wash and ceramic wax breaks down caked-on dirt and mud to get your car sparkling clean.

As it does, the advanced formula lays down a combination of waxes and advanced ceramic polymers, bringing out a deeper colour and shine from your paint and protecting your finish with a super hydrophobic, chemical-resistant barrier.

Used along with other Hybrid Solutions products, this wash and ceramic car wax will make your car look like it came straight from the detailer’s shop.

Step 1

First, rinse your car from top to bottom with a strong stream of water, washing away as many soils and residues as possible.

Step 2

Shake product well.

Step 3

Pour three to four capfuls of Wash & Wax into a gallon-sized bucket and fill with a strong stream of water.

Step 4

Wearing a car wash mitt, agitate the solution until it’s thick and foamy.

Step 5

Starting at the roof of your car, scrub and rinse in 2’ x 2’ sections. From the top down, work one section at a time so the car wash soap doesn’t dry on the surface.

Step 6

After washing and rinsing the entire car, use a blower or dry with a clean, microfiber towel.

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