Auto Finesse Bucket Buddy

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No more wet sleeves up to the elbows, fishing around at the bottom of your bucket for your brushes or wash media, because here we have the ultimate wet work storage solution – the Auto Finesse Bucket Buddy. 

Designed to keep your Barrel Brushes, Rubber Scrubbers, mitts and Detailing Brushes within quick and easy reach, the Bucket Buddy has been expertly engineered to be beautiful in its simplicity. Making your wash stages easier, and safer, than ever before. 

This curved profile, free-draining container simply hooks onto the side of any detailing bucket, ensuring that all your essential cleaning accessories are not only safe from the impregnation of grit, grime and other harsh contaminants found on the ground or the bottom of your bucket, but will always be fully accessible and ready to spring into action. 

Finished in our iconic teal colourway, and printed with the Classic Auto Finesse Logo, this large, heavy-duty detailing tool caddy may be the most useful - not to mention most stylish – wash-stage accessory that you’ll ever add to your kit. 

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