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The citrus-infused, Cherry Cola-scented foaming pre-cleaning essential that’s designed to linger on surfaces for longer, Avalanche Snow Foam is one of the most effective car detailing must-haves for the ultimate swirl-free wash.

Thick foaming action

Avalanche Snow Foam has been developed to create a thick citrus-infused foam to cleanse paintwork of road contaminants, loosening dirt and road grime safely. Wax, sealant and coating friendly and suitable for regular use.

Citrus infused cleaning power

This aqueous cleaning agent encapsulates sharp particles safely into the foam and away from surfaces, allowing these potentially damaging - and often stuck-on - contaminants to be rinsed away without inflicting swirl marks or other defects.



Remove traffic films and road grime safely

Professional detailers swear by the prep stages and the snow foam stage is where you'll rid the vehicle of the loose particles that can incur swirl marks to paint surfaces. Using a snow foam correctly can help ensure that you don't induce swirl marks during the contact wash process and help maintain your detailing efforts for longer. Take a look at our guide on How To Use Snow Foam.


Helps prevent heavy contamination abrasion

So, for the safest wash possible, these contaminants must be removed prior to your 2-bucket contact wash. This means that following an effective pre-wash routine is crucial both on regular maintenance washes, and to limit the amount of polishing and correction needed during more in-depth details.


Avalanche can be utilised as a first stage pre-wash product, or immediately after using a pre-cleaner

Avalanche lingers to attack grime for the maximum possible dwell time and uses a specially-developed combination of cleaning agents and advanced surfactants to pull contamination off of surfaces on a molecular level. These surfactants are classed as "polar' molecules that are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic.



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