Turtle Wax Hybrid Snow Foam 2.5L

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  • Delivers the highest level of foam to encapsulate and remove abrasive dirt and soils without scratching or swirling your glossy finish
  • High foam surfactants safely remove traffic film, sand and dirt buildup from the surface of your car
  • Safe for all washable exterior surfaces

This heavy-duty, snow foam car wash blankets your car in a thick, fluffy layer of foam to lift the toughest stains and soils without scratching or swirling the surface of your vehicle's car wax.

This product is perfect for auto enthusiasts looking to achieve the highest level of foam to deep clean and protect their car’s smooth, glossy clear coat.

Simply load this product into your foam cannon and pressure washer, foam up your car and rinse for a streak-free, sparkling finish that never fails to impress.

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