Turtle Wax Hybrid Sealant 500ml

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  • Formulated with synthetic hydrophobic polymers and carnauba wax for a mirror-like shine and incredibly durable protection
  • Seals all exterior surfaces for an enduring like-new appearance
  • Sheds water from glass to improve the safety of driving in rainstorms

Apply this car paint sealant and your future car care becomes so much easier! Once you seal your car’s exterior, you’ll have a shield of protection for at least 6 months.

Many contaminants simply won’t stick to it, so your car will stay cleaner longer, and when you do wash, you’ll have less soil to clean off. Better still, water just falls off the car, so drying your car after washes is easier too.

Even though this car wax spray works as a sealant, all types of wax can be applied as an additional layer of shine and protection without diminishing the performance of either.

Spray it on the paint, plastic, glass, all over the exterior for a shell of carnauba car wax and superhydrophobic polymers. Simply put, this spray wax is one of the easiest, most effective ways to preserve a new-car look!

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