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Q² Syncro is the first 2-ingredient and multi-layer coating available for everyone. Q² Syncro offers incredible slickness and repellency. The Q² Mohs base provides hardness and significant durability. Q² Skin is a thick and flexible top coat, offering great self-cleaning abilities. Who is Q² Syncro designed for?

  • Advanced enthusiasts and detailing professionals interested in the Gyeon Certification
  • Customers looking to install Gyeon's most durable product without accreditation
  • Customers experienced with quartz coatings
  • Customers experienced with installing multi-layer coatings


  • 50 ML & 30 ML / 100 ML & 50 ML
  • 3-4 layer coating, layering required
  • CONSUMPTION: 30-50ml/ 1car
  • CONTACT ANGLE: >120'
  • PH TOLERANCE: 2-11
  • THICKNESS: 0,2-0,5qm
  • DURABILITY: >24months / >21,500 Miles


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