303 Snow Foam Lance - Quick Release

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  • Adjustable spray cannon for pressure washers
  • Full control over desired foam amount
  • Horizontal and vertical spray angles
  • Easily removes dirt, dust, and contaminants from surfaces
  • Wide 1.5L reservoir base to avoid tipping
  • Anti-corrosive stainless steel fitting
  • Improves efficiency of regular car washing routine
Have fun washing your car with 303® Foam Cannon! The premium detailing accessory provides the ultimate car-wash experience. Mix the soap and water and watch the shaving cream-like foam cover the surface to lift dirt and prevent scratches while leaving your ride squeaky clean. A wide 1.5L reservoir means minimal trips to refill, and the sturdy base counterbalances the accessory so it remains firmly in your grip.

Engineered with stainless steel and nickel-plated fittings, the Foam Cannon is capable of withstanding high-moisture environments to offset any rusting or corrosion. Finally, you are given total control over the horizontal and vertical spray contact angles, with full nozzle adjustability only a twist away.

Directions (If Applicable):

Remove reservoir base from foam cannon. Add water, add 1 oz or more of car wash to reservoir. Re-attach reservoir base to foam cannon, shake to mix wash solution, and connect to pressure washer. Adjust wide/narrow spray by turning blue section of nozzle. Adjust horizontal/vertical spray by turning black section of nozzle. Adjust air intake nozzle on top for more or less foam. Rinse surface with water, then cover entire surface using foam cannon. Wash vehicle as usual and dry.

For ultimate foaming, use 303® Ultra-Concentrated Car Wash. Just add to your foam cannon reservoir. The concentrated formula means a little bit of wash goes a long way.

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