NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Carbon Collective Rapide Quick Detailer

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Carbon Collective Rapide Quick Detailer

Carbon Collective is one of the leading car cleaning brands in the UK when it comes to detailing, so whenever they release a new product, you expect it to be up there with the best, and that's exactly the results we got when we tried out the new Rapide Quick detailer! No surprise there!

Carbon Collective Rapide Quick Detailer


Rapide Quick Detailer provides maximum gloss with minimum effort. The super slick streak-free formula works on almost any finish, removing watermarks and dust in a single wipe, boosting gloss and clarity for that perfect “just detailed” finish.

Rapide is the perfect finishing touch; our spray & wipe formula enhances the finish of paint, glass and plastic, locking in all your hard work.

Carbon Collective Rapide Quick Detailer 


  • Gloss Enhancing
  • Clarity Boosting
  • Increases metal flake & pearl pop
  • Water spot removal
  • Increases Beading
  • Smear-Free
  • Superslick finish helps prevent dirt bonding
  • Use on all exterior finishes
  • Use on most interior finishes (dashboard, door shuts, touch screens)
  • Drying Aid for water spot-free drying

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