5 Tips To Prepare Your Car for Summer!

Car shows, burning tarmac, UV rays and hot sun. The summer takes it's toll on your ride. 

Luckily, here at My Car Cleaning we've prepared an easy 5-step guide to make sure you prepare your car just right and ready for the summer.

Tip 1 - Blast Away Them Bugs

Every year we see the return of pesky bugs and flies that make their way stuck onto your car. 

GYEON'S Q2m Bug & Grime has been designed to combat exactly that. Simply spray on and wait for effective, safe and easy bug and grime removal. We then recommend using a pressure washer to get perfect results.


Tip 2 - Pre Wax Cleanser

We all want that waxy and glossy shine this summer, don't we? But before you apply your coating we always recommend a pre-wax cleanser, just to ensure your paint work is in prime condition for treatment.

Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish is a award winning resin based polish that provides exceptional levels of mechanical refinement and leaves paint work looking super smooth, glossy and friction free. 

Tip 3 - Protecting Your Ride

We have two options lined up here. For quick and easy application you have to use Sam's Detailing Spray WaxCarnauba wax in a spray format. Formulated to easily put down a layer of wax when in a rush or treating hard to reach areas; and with a lime scent you can't go wrong.

Or for longer lasting protection to see you last through the summer, we recommend using Gyeon Q2 Wax for world class gloss and outstanding hydrophobicity. 


Tip 4 - Prevent Burning Rubber

To ensure you keep your tyres looking slick and glossy, we recommend using a tyre dressing.

Our pick would be the Carbon Collective Sateen Rubber & Tyre Protectant creates a durable coating which bonds to your tyre surface for protection against UV rays, oil, water and dirt. All of which you'll be encountering this summer. 

Tip 5 - Have a Bottle of Quick Detailer at Hand 

To make sure you have that shiny finish wherever in the world you're at; have a bottle of Quick Detailer in your boot to keep you topped up. 

Our recommendation goes to the Gtechniq Quick Detailer. Easily blast away any grim water marks or fingerprints that end up on your car, and boost the slickness and gloss of your paintwork. So easy to use, simply spray and you're away! 

Feel there's any we've missed out? Let us know by getting in contact on our socials! 



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